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Mountain Road Advanced Driving Skills That Must Be Mastered During Summer Vacation Driving

Time flies, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle. The summer vacation has already passed halfway in the blink of an eye. The weather in August is getting hotter and hotter. The temperature is even 40 degrees. Maybe air conditioning, wifi and watermelon are the most needed now, but staying all day long. Air-conditioned rooms are not a problem, and the whole person will be decadent sooner or later. Today, I would like to recommend some driving techniques suitable for driving in self-driving tour in August.

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1. Mingshan Dachuan is a good place for self-driving travel, but the mountain road is driving, depending on the mountains and cliffs, the ditch is deep and steep, the road is dangerous, and the road is dangerous. In addition to the good condition, the driver must master certain driving skills to ensure Driving safety. The mountain road is actually not as terrible as people think, because the more terrible the road, the more the driver is absorbed, so the main reason should be to avoid fatigue driving.

2, mountain road driving, the driver's driving operation intensity is larger than the general road, the spirit is often in a state of tension, which requires the driver to adjust the driving posture before driving, try to create a comfortable, relaxed driving environment. When climbing through cliffs and other dangerous roads, do not watch the scenery of the mountains or peep into the deep cliffs. Do not distract yourself and create nervousness; observe the road surface and try to drive along the road or near the side of the mountain wall; Tight steering wheel, avoid emergency braking, to prevent skidding and fall off the cliff.

3. When driving on a mountain road, the driver's point of view should be far away and the road surface condition and roadside environment should be seen as much as possible. It is necessary to use the width of the road to select the driving route. When the line of sight of the curve is blocked, it should be strictly "decelerated, whistling, and right-handed" to prevent accidental encounters when encountering a car in a turn or encountering a roadblock after turning.

4. Continuous detours are one of the main features of the mountain road. When turning, it will produce centrifugal effect. When going uphill, the speed will be slower, the centrifugal effect will be weaker, and the center of gravity of the car will move backwards, which will reduce the degree of understeer, and the direction of the front will be better. When going downhill, the situation is just the opposite. The speed of the car is fast, the centrifugal force is strong, the center of gravity of the car moves forward, and the degree of understeer increases. In this case, if the car can't effectively decelerate before entering the corner, the possibility of getting out of the lane is greater.

5, the use of gear. For general continuous ramps, 2 or 3 gears should be used, and trucks can also choose one gear. The purpose is to keep the vehicle with sufficient climbing power. If a higher gear is used when going uphill, when the engine is underpowered, it should be downshifted immediately. When the sequential downshift is unsuccessful, the gear can be stepped down.

6. When there is a flameout on the way to the mountain, don't panic. Immediately brake your hands and feet and stop the car to prevent the vehicle from slipping behind. While stepping on the brake pedal, the left foot steps down the clutch pedal, then restarts the engine, starts slowly, evenly refuels, gradually releases the clutch pedal, simultaneously releases the foot and the hand brake, then increases the throttle, and the vehicle can Go ahead.

7. The car is driving on the muddy road in the mountainous area. If the steering wheel is too hard or the brake is used improperly, it is easy to cause slipping or tailing. The driver should then drive in the middle of the road or along the front car, and the speed should be maintained at 30~50 km/h. If there is a car, etc., you should relax the accelerator pedal and gently press the brake pedal in advance. When the speed is really lowered, hang the low gear and slowly drive the steering wheel to the roadside. If the situation is properly disposed, drive to the center of the road. Or gradually speed up along the front car.

The above is the advanced driving skills of the mountain road that must be mastered when driving. In addition, you should pay attention to safety while playing!

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