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Summer prevention of puncture tips?

Stepping into August, the weather is getting hotter every day, so many riders will ask what problems should be paid attention to when driving in the summer? Today we have a discussion about the summer puncture prevention skills.

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Road transport carries the vast majority of cargo traffic in China, and trucks that come and go on the road every day carry items to all corners. As an inseparable part of the truck, tires are related to whether the truck can work normally every day. If there is a problem with the tires, especially if there is a puncture in transit, it will bring great safety hazards and time delays!
The reason why the vehicle has a flat tire during transportation
In order to improve the transportation efficiency of each vehicle, many card friends often carry out dangerous and overload transportation, which may cause the tires to be overwhelmed and burst in the transportation.
In the weather, the road surface in the summer afternoon passes through the sun. The temperature of the sun is very high. The tires are very easy to heat on the road. If the temperature is not cooled, it may cause a puncture.
On the road surface, sometimes when the vehicle passes through more complicated road conditions, the tire hits a hard sharp object, which may cause damage or even puncture of the tire.
How to solve after a puncture
For the front tire, you need to hold the steering wheel and adjust the front of the car in a slow direction to avoid the truck from slipping or even turning. Then slowly slow down, you can hang the neutral or step down, release the accelerator pedal and repeatedly press the brakes to slowly stop the truck.
In the case of a rear tire puncture, the truck will be in an unstable state, making the vehicle tend to be on the side of the puncture. At this time, the brake pedal should be lightly pressed repeatedly, and the truck should be stopped slowly by the oil reduction and downshift. As with the front tire burst, do not step on the brakes, you can use the oil reduction gear to gradually slow down the truck and finally stop.
How to use tires correctly
Rejecting vehicle over-limit transportation, the vehicle loading is rated load quality, which can reduce the weight of the tire and improve the service life of the tire.
Under high temperature conditions, pay attention to timely inspection of the tires and cool down the tires. If possible, tire pressure monitoring can be installed to monitor the tires in real time.
Try to drive the vehicle on a good road as much as possible to prevent the tire from being hit by sharp objects.
When parking, check the tires for any foreign objects in the road, if necessary, remove them to ensure the normal use of the tires to avoid unnecessary damage.
In addition, the summer sunshine is strong, the temperature is high, the car is mostly sweaty, the energy consumption is large, and heat stroke is prone to occur. In order to prevent heat stroke, I hope that the card friends will drink more refreshing drinks and pay attention to the supplement of salt. I also hope to have a healthy body while fighting hard!

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